Construction & Renovation

Building Designing

Planning for functional and aesthetic requirements

Building Construction

Executing construction plans for physical structures

Renovation Building

Improving existing structures for functionality and appearance

Basement Remodeling

Revamp lower space for practical and attractive living areas

Building Sustainability

Incorporate eco-friendly practices for reduced environmental impact and long-term sustainability

Renovation and Expansion

Upgrade existing structures while expanding to meet evolving needs, enhancing functionality and modernization

Why Us

Smart and Agile Solutions

At Sadid Construction and Trade, we are driven by a straightforward yet powerful principle: Smart and Agile solutions. From project inception to completion, our focus is on delivering AI-powered solutions in the construction and renovation industry, characterized by flexibility and efficiency.

We take the most efficient route to project success, always emphasizing our motto: "Smart and Agile."

Sadid Construction and Trade Company stands by your side, ensuring that your construction and renovation projects benefit from intelligence and adaptability.

Different types of construction contracts between owner and builder

These contracts serve as the foundation for construction projects in Canada, offering flexibility and choice depending on project needs and requirements

Fixed Price Contract

Cost Plus Contract

Design-Build Contract

Unit Price Contract